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Where do I find your provider details / How do I make a CFSS payment to Premier

This help article outlines payment provider details

You will receive a booking confirmation via email, which confirms how much you should instruct your scheme provider to pay us within 14 days (2 weeks) of making the booking. Also in the email will be a link that will take you to a page on the Family Portal to view your bookings.

On each My Booking page you will find all the information required to make payment to the provider for the booked provision – this information will include the exact registration name, URN/Reference or Ofsted number. 

Contact your childcare provider to let them know the total they need to forward to us. Where possible please quote your child’s name in full and the booking reference number (e.g. P12356-dntjx9m) to help us reconcile your payment when it comes through. When payment is received your provider sends us confirmation so we can make a note that you have paid. 

Please try and instruct your provider the amount owed as soon as possible after making a booking.