What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport in which participants make use of their balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility to perform particular movements.

It has been around both professionally and recreationally for a long time (the Ancient Greeks used it as practice for getting on and off of their horses) and has developed into a staple sport for P.E classes. In focus, it gives young gymnasts the opportunity to explore new motions.

While gymnastics is a fun, exciting activity for kids to participate in, it is also important to maintain proper safety measures. This will include things like laying out appropriate mats to provide a soft surface, and performing a good warm-up and stretching before beginning a class.

After-school clubs are a fantastic way for your child to experience gym – whether they are a regular gymnast, or if it’s their first time!

Our gymnastics classes are available in venues across the country – find out if your child’s school has a course running: