What is Dodgeball?

As a primary school sport, Dodgeball is growing in popularity week by week. It’s outrageous fun that pretty much all children love. And it’s simple too – catch, aim, throw, dodge – so kids of all ages can enjoy it.

The Rules

At the start of each game, the balls are either split evenly between teams or placed across the length of the centre line, creating a scramble to claim them at the first whistle. At first, players must pass to a teammate before targeting an opponent. Once a player has been struck by a live dodgeball, they are eliminated from the game. A ball is considered ‘live’ when it has left a player’s hand and is in the air before touching the floor. It is subsequently referred to as a ‘deadball’ once it has left the boundaries but can be retrieved by any player occupying that space of the court.

What makes dodgeball such a great sport for coaches and teachers is that it requires very little equipment and can be set up almost anywhere with adequate space. Each session is fast-paced, action-packed and energetic. The rules are very easy to follow so it’s loved by children of all ages and abilities whenever they get the chance to play it.

Dodgeball clubs for your child

dodgeball green team throwing

Junior dodgeball clubs – After-School

Our after-school clubs are a great place for children to try new sports, make new friends and develop essential new skills.

We know how each working day can be busy for working parents. An after-school club session at Premier Education gives a parent that peace of mind, knowing that their children are in expert childcare.

After a day of listening and learning in the classroom, children have the chance to enjoy dodgeball with friends and go home with a smile on their face.

Schools can partner with Premier Education to set up their own junior club.