What is Boccia?

As one of the gentlest sports we offer at Premier Education, boccia (rhymes with ‘gotcha’) is a new experience for most kids.

Do not be fooled by the gentle gameplay, boccia is a game of precision and sharp tactics. The idea of the game is to roll a ball closer to the target than your opponent, but when the target can be moved or blocked, things can get interesting!

Boccia is a popular sport in the Paralympics, often played by those who use a wheelchair. Focus, accuracy and strategy are the most important parts of this sport, which means that it is possible to ‘think’ your way to victory by planning ahead. Of course, it is also an excellent game for improving coordination, as you will need a steady hand to score those points.

Our Boccia classes are available in venues across the country – find out if your child’s school has a course running: