What is Baseball?

Having been hugely popular sports in America for decades, baseball and softball are soaring in popularity in the UK right now. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnered with BaseballSoftballUK.

As official partners, our coaches have access to some fantastic training in both softball and baseball to make sure that every session is fun, educational and engaging.

One of the reasons baseball and softball are so accessible is that every player has a unique role on the pitch. With nine different positions to choose from, every child will have the chance to find out which ones they are best at, and which ones they enjoy the most. Through the course of the sessions there will be heaps of throwing, catching, batting and running,

Regardless of which role your child enjoys the most, they will be improving their co-ordination and reflexes whilst building great teamwork skills. It is the perfect time to start learning these great summer sport, so be sure check out our sessions near you.

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About Fun at Bat

As official partners of BaseballSoftballUK, our coaches delivered Fun at Bat as part of the Mitel and MLB London series in the summer of 2019. Fun at Bat is an entry-level baseball programme for children, developed by MLB and USA Baseball and delivered internationally to millions of children.

This programme teaches the principles of baseball and softball with an emphasis on character development, functional movement, active play and fun. Schools received all the resources needed to teach their pupils about this great bat and ball sport, with excellent results. Watch this space for more Fun at Bat.

Our Baseball classes are available in venues across the country – find out if your child’s school has a course running: