What does my child need to bring to a Holiday Camp?

Your child will need suitable clothing, a packed lunch, and a water bottle for every day of camp.

We like to make sure that every child leaves our Holiday Camps happy, and with another great memory! In order to make the most of their Holiday Camp experience, they will need to arrive prepared.

We advise that your children attend each camp in suitable clothing for lots of exciting activities, running around, and having fun. The day may also include some outdoor activities, so please make sure that your child has appropriate clothes for the weather.

Staying re-fuelled throughout the day is very important for children, so we ask that parents make sure their child brings a full lunchbox (full of healthy snacks) to each day of the Holiday Camp. Note: Please do not pack any food items containing nuts, as some other children may have severe nut allergies.

Children will be taking part in lots of active fun, so please make sure they bring a full bottle of fresh water (ideally refillable) to every Holiday Camp session.

During the hotter months of the year, equip your child with high factor sun cream that can be applied over the course of the day, as well as sunhat. Please ensure your child has a named sun hat and sun cream in hot weather.

Due to Covid-19, you may also want to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser for your child - this is optional, and children will have lots of opportunities to wash their hands throughout the day.