What does my child need to bring to a before or after school club?

Your child will need their P.E kit, suitable shoes, and a water bottle for each before and after school club.

Children will need to bring their P.E kit (or similar) and trainers to each club session. We aim to get children outside throughout parts of the day for fun and fresh air, so please make sure they bring a coat or jumper along with them. If your child is attending a day that involves contact sports, such as football, please make sure they bring shin pads.

We also advise that your child brings along a bottle of water, so that they can stay healthy and hydrated throughout the entire session. You may also want to pack a small snack for them to enjoy. Note: Please do not pack any items containing nuts, as other children may have severe nut allergies.

During the hotter months of the year, equip your child with high factor sun cream that can be applied before the session, as well as sunhat.

During Covid-19, you may also want to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser for your child - this is optional, and children will have lots of opportunities to wash their hands throughout the session.