Sage Pay Transaction Authentication Issues

If you face issues attempting to authenticate a payment online, follow these steps..

  • Are your contact details up to date with your bank? 3D Secure V2 uses 2 factor authentication and if you have not recently confirmed your details via online banking then the process can break down
  • If you are using a desktop PC or laptop
  • If you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet
    • Ensure your banking app is downloaded and installed on the same device
    • Do you have sufficient mobile network? If your network drops during the 3D Secure authentication it will cause problems
  • Attempt to pay on a different device e.g. a Laptop or PC, don't worry after you log in your checkout will still be there
  • Use an alternative debit or credit card


    If all else fails, please do contact us here and we can assist further.