Can my child bring their own Nerf Gun

Where Nerf games are provided we will provide the Nerf Guns. Your child can bring their own Nerf gun however the delivery team on site will approve it at the venue if they feel it is safe to use.

Our Nerf guns will have the "CE" marking on Nerf guns, as well as on many other products, stands for "Conformité Européenne," which is French for "European Conformity." It is a certification mark that indicates a product's compliance with European Union (EU) health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

When you see the CE marking on a Nerf gun, it means that the manufacturer or distributor has declared that the product meets all the applicable requirements of the relevant European Directives. This marking is mandatory for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) and demonstrates that the product has undergone appropriate testing and meets the necessary safety standards.

In the context of Nerf guns, the CE marking assures consumers that the product has been designed and manufactured to meet certain safety criteria and can be legally sold within the EU market. It's important to look for this marking on products you purchase, as it indicates a level of regulatory compliance