Indoor activities: lesson plans for your school!

Dance, dodgeball, handball, table tennis and multi-skills plans


Indoor activity lesson plans

Working with over 2,000 schools in the last 18 months, Premier Education activity professionals have seen every challenge teachers face delivering PE.

As teachers, you need lessons that engage every child, you want sessions to be fun, and you understand the importance of children developing a range of physical, social, and cognitive skills.

So, we created some lesson plans to meet all those requirements, and we're giving them to teachers for free.

One in four primary school teachers say they aren’t comfortable delivering PE. Nationally, that means there are 66,201 teachers struggling through PE lessons, receiving extended support from colleagues, or relying on external services.

Working with our prestigious partners we've produced indoor activity lesson plans, with over a term of sessions - meaning you won't run out of ideas, and you won't be as stressed trying to bring the best out of every single child.

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Sample indoor activity resources

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